Do you use your laptop in different network environments ?

At home ? In the office ? At a customers site ?

If yes, the small package "netenv" might be useful for you. When booting your laptop it provides you with a simple interface from which you can choose the current network environment. If you are the first time in an environment, you can enter the basic data for later reuse. Click here to see a screenshot of netenv's interface or - even better - read the documentation.

Click here for english documentation. Wenn Sie deutsch vorziehen, klicken Sie hier


Right now I finished 0.94. Some changes are:

If you want it, click here for the tar-file. or here for an rpm-package.

Help wanted

Recently I changed to SuSE 8.1. It seems to me that at least SuSE, RedHat and Mandrake now use /etc/sysconfig and ifup to configure the NICs but there still might be some differences. So when it comes to system start, netenv sometimes may need additional tweaking. This is where you can help me, if you are using e.g. RedHat or Mandrake or Debian or whatever I don't have access to. Checkout netenv on your distribution and give me feedback !

Downloads / Packages / Versions


Netenv has been around for Debian quite a while . Please check out Debian. Unfortunately they still distribute netenv 0.82 only AFAIK. Frank Küster is working on a new Debian package, see Thanks Frank !

SuSE / RedHat / Mandrake

SuSE should work out of the box using this rpm-package. RedHat and Mandrake-users should give it a try too.

Mandrake users may want to disable vga=nnn in their lilo.conf due to problems with the splash screen. Furthermore I got reports of problems with netenv on Mandrake. These were caused by Mandrake's cdialog failing.

Conectiva Linux

Fernando M. Roxo da Motta took netenv-0.94-2 and added support for Conectiva Linux. Here are his packages netenv-0.94-1cl.noarch.rpm and netenv-0.94-2cl.src.rpm. Thanks, Roxo !

Older Versions

Here is an RPM-package ready for RedHat 6.1 or 6.2 or 7.0 or the equivalent Mandrake versions . If you are interested in the source, here it is. If you want a tar file, click here

Gerd Bavendiek

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